Masterclass & Dev Jam

Assessment Masterclass

Moodle offers a choice of assessment methodologies to cater for a wide variety in approaches.

Activities can be setup for formative assessment, where feedback is a strong component, or for summative assessment, where grades are the main outcome.

The goal of this workshop is to tackle some of the key issues around online assessment in courses and have a look at some of the interesting options available and how to implement these approaches.

The half-day workshop broken into two ninety minute sessions will cover:

  • Why Assessment and Simple formative options
  • A look at quiz and some advanced usages
  • What Assignment offers
  • Peer review

Online Course Design Masterclass

Online courses can be somewhat different from the typical face to face learning course,or blended course which supports face to face delivery.

There are various things to consider when approaching the design and implementation of the course.

This workshop will consider a number of areas and how they are affected by the dynamics of the massive and short online courses.

The half-day workshop broken into two ninety minute sessions will cover:

  • Content considerations
  • Assessment strategies
  • Communication approaches
  • Course structures

Mobile Learning Masterclass

Moodle works with mobile devices out of the box, providing a responsive interface to cater for the smaller screens. But there is more to delivering and enabling mobile learning than just having a responsive user interface.

The half-day workshop broken into two ninety minute sessions will take a look at the following through the mobile lens.

  • Content creation and suitability
  • Assessment approaches
  • Communication
  • Mobile Strategy,  Moodle Mobile App and going offline

Learning Analytics workshop

This workshop will take in a variety of perspectives on Learning Analytics and how they work within and outside of Moodle.

The sessions will cover what analytic options are available in core Moode, in community plugins, and where data is exported to third party systems for external analysis.

The four ninety-minute sessions spread throughout the day will be:
  • A student's perspective
  • A teacher's perspective
  • A decision-maker's perspective
  • External systems

Introduction to Moodle

Aimed at teachers new to Moodle, this beginner session focuses on the basics of setting up your Moodle course and includes:

  • easy ways to add your teaching materials
  • enhancing your course with images, audio and video
  • encouraging student participation and collaboration
  • automatic grading with Moodle's quiz
  • enrolling and managing students

Moodle Dev Jam

This developer only workshop, will cover a variety of topics including how recent and upcoming features in Moodle impact plugin and interface development.

The Devjam is a full day workshop spread over four ninety-minute sessions throughout the day. The schedule will be released in the coming week.

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