WIRIS Educational Mathematics

WIRIS Math and science software including equation editor (HTML5), handwriting, calculator and STEM assessment API. Integrated into Moodle and other LMS.

We are the responsible for WIRIS tools, a suite of tools for mathematics education. We have focused on the integration of WIRIS tools with web based platforms like LMS, CMS.

WIRIS math & science is a family of tools for teaching and learning Mathematics and related sciences, like Chemistry and Physics. 

WIRIS tools include a classic formula editor, handwriting recognition, a calculator and a scientific question type for Moodle Quiz, allowing for random parameters and automatic math evaluation. 


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Sponsor Sessions

WIRIS - the math piece for Moodle

WIRIS is a suite of mathematical solutions created to enhance the learning experience on math for students and also to power the creation of math content for teachers.

In this session we will see how WIRIS work along with Institutions, Schools and teachers to improve math courses with:

WIRIS editor: Sophisticated Math Toolbar with handwriting and accessibility features.

WIRIS quizzes: Great Math questions with open answers, automated assessment and random parameters.

WIRIS calc: Online Calculator, easy manipulate expressions, graph and save your content.

So pay attention, and “May the math be with you”

A Great Math question

In real life situations, problems we face rarely comes with predefined options on how we could solve them. So, why we make multiple-choice questions for students if that rarely approach real life? 

In this session we’ll learn how to use WIRIS quizzes to create an open answer question to enhance your assessment, and also, to build it simpler, accurate and fruitful.

Open answers + Automated assessment + Feedback + Random parameters = 

Great math questions, Great math assessment.

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